The Experience

CliqueCycle is a collaborative cardio cycle. We ride in near dark, music pumping through our bodies, a Clique Pack racing the wind on a communal quest. It’s beat-based cycling at the highest level, a calorie-torching dance where your partner is your bike and the class is your posse. Clique yourself in for the ride of your life.

OUr Philosophy

This is our secret place. A place that transforms the us from Lawyers, Doctors, Educators, Workers, into who we truly are: Dancers, Defiers, Kings and Queens. Here we ride on a wave of a thousand beats upon a thousand beats twisting us together in an ocean of rhythms.

The music brings us here, strengthens our conviction with connection, and elevates our being. Explosive beats rise within us. Together we make the rhythm. We pedal onward with strength, resolve and commitment. We tear down the walls of impossibility with the power of our transformation.

As the builders of a new revolution, we focus on each other, and improve ourselves. We arrive here glorious. We leave here even better.

We believe that each rider comes with energy to share, and that energy shared is returned with greater intensity. When you clip in alone, you go fast. When you clique in together, you go far.